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I know there are fools out there who think they can be equal to me, he who stands in the heavens. I have seen your handwriting and written claims to greatness. So I issue this challenge now.

If you think you can best the Hero King of Uruk, Gilgamesh, in combat, seek out your challenge now. I do not wish to see your mangy faces after this day.

Now come to the park! Let's see you be the ocean against the sea wall - the wind blowing at the mountain. You may get somewhere in a few thousand years!!



[Of course Gil will be waiting at the park! Whether you heard the phone call or not, he'll be chilling out on a bench with his legs crossed, uncaring about the chilly weather conditions.]
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[Outside of the cosplay cafe at 1245 Williams, Saber and Gilgamesh were dressed and prepped. Of course, Gil was playing the role of caring, experience worker. And doing his best to embarrass Saber doing a pretty damn good job at it.]

First thing you should keep in mind is to always have a smile on your face! If you can blush, that's bonus points because that looks cute and this job is all about being cute. that really necessary?

If you can't at least smile and look cute, you'll get fired. But I'm sure that'll come naturally to you, Saber!

[Saber tries to smile but it's rather awkward.]

H-how is this?

I suppose that's close enough. Can you do that while greeting someone? Try it!

[She was always one to rise to a challenge. So with that awkward smile and a bit too much enthusiasm, she turned and greeted a guest.]

Hello, sir! WELCOME!

[Saber is blue and Gilgamesh is red. Both will be tagging in separate threads so go nuts.]


Aug. 1st, 2011 08:35 pm
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[Ko-Gil is here, walking down your street.]

Whew...I should probably save up money for more cake. I wonder if I'll get fat if I eat too much...

[DID SOMEONE IMPLY GIL NEEDED MORE MONEY? Oh, yes, it was a something that came as a slip of the tongue but...

...A+ rank in Golden Rule states that Gilgamesh is so rich, money will pretty much appear out of quantum space for him.

Which is a problem because the mailbox beside him is shaking and looking like it's about to burst. And it suddenly opens up, spewing gold coins and twenty dollar bills all over Gilgamesh.]


[The boy makes a break for it but every other mailbox in line keeps doing the same. Looks like one skill is out of control.]

Someone help me!!! I'm going to be buried in my own money!!


Feb. 15th, 2011 11:57 pm
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[Memories were something Gilgamesh never took lightly. That woman who suddenly jumped into his mind was definitely a problem. She eclipsed Saber just slightly, which made the Golden King angry at himself. Where was his pride? He had dedicated himself to the King of Knights and now this crap?

For this, there was only one solution. Go to where the woman was and discover if she still possessed whatever it was that caught his eye. From there, this king would make his own judgment on the matter.

He pounded on the door of the house of 503 Ricardo, looking for the woman called Shizuru.]

Come out, woman.
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Snow. Hmph.

To think something so beautiful could exist. Each flake is nearly unobservable in size yet completely unlike every other one around it in appearance. Separate, they're easily blown away and yet together they can form almost any shape.

Worst of all, this was not created by me. Sumer was cold and dry in the winters and scorching but acceptable in the place for anything frozen. Instead, this wonderful creation will be credited to whatever dogshit god you happen to be worshiping.

I hate snow.

[He hates it so much that he's making a tower out of balls of snow. A tower of babel. Okay, not really. He's just storing snowballs in a pile. Even if he's currently jealous about snow, he can't help but marvel over it in the first week it's around. Of course, you can talk to him on the phone or in person, that's up to you.]


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