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I know there are fools out there who think they can be equal to me, he who stands in the heavens. I have seen your handwriting and written claims to greatness. So I issue this challenge now.

If you think you can best the Hero King of Uruk, Gilgamesh, in combat, seek out your challenge now. I do not wish to see your mangy faces after this day.

Now come to the park! Let's see you be the ocean against the sea wall - the wind blowing at the mountain. You may get somewhere in a few thousand years!!



[Of course Gil will be waiting at the park! Whether you heard the phone call or not, he'll be chilling out on a bench with his legs crossed, uncaring about the chilly weather conditions.]
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Snow. Hmph.

To think something so beautiful could exist. Each flake is nearly unobservable in size yet completely unlike every other one around it in appearance. Separate, they're easily blown away and yet together they can form almost any shape.

Worst of all, this was not created by me. Sumer was cold and dry in the winters and scorching but acceptable in the place for anything frozen. Instead, this wonderful creation will be credited to whatever dogshit god you happen to be worshiping.

I hate snow.

[He hates it so much that he's making a tower out of balls of snow. A tower of babel. Okay, not really. He's just storing snowballs in a pile. Even if he's currently jealous about snow, he can't help but marvel over it in the first week it's around. Of course, you can talk to him on the phone or in person, that's up to you.]


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