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I don't really care but...

...the history books can be wrong about me. When I died, I was killed by my own grief.

Not to mention that I really hate snakes. I go out of my way to kill any snake I see. They've ruined my life so I've vowed to ruin theirs.

I also love Saber but her heart belongs to someone else so I'm out of luck. [so much sadness]

Sometimes I think Lancer-san can be pretty cool but he's mostly a loser. Him and the other Lancer are pretty suspicious though. Someone should ask them about that. I'm pretty jealous that Rin-san picked him over me though, especially since I could beat him up any day.

The last Lancer, Enkidu, will forever be the one I love most. If anyone touches him without my permission, I'll kill them.

Right now, I wish I could cover my mouth but that would be pretty cowardly. If you abuse this day, you might regret it though.


May. 30th, 2011 10:06 pm
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Are people really killing each other just because they were told to? But I thought I civilized everyone so they wouldn't have to do this kind of thing. I guess humanity has really fallen huh?

[Well, HE TRIED but he's a king and can do what he wants and not be held by the same standards.]

I'm not going to be scared either way. Cowering inside and hoping nobody will come after you is pretty much the worst possible thing to do. I've got some red paint if you want to make it worse. Since I'm pretty good at art, I could draw a pretty neat target on your back with it. What do you say?

[Being the child KING he is, he's not going to sit indoors. Instead, he's chilling outside, in a chair on his front porch. Maybe he's hoping his target will walk by, no matter how low the chances are. Oh well, EX-Rank luck can only carry him so far.]


Feb. 15th, 2011 11:57 pm
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[Memories were something Gilgamesh never took lightly. That woman who suddenly jumped into his mind was definitely a problem. She eclipsed Saber just slightly, which made the Golden King angry at himself. Where was his pride? He had dedicated himself to the King of Knights and now this crap?

For this, there was only one solution. Go to where the woman was and discover if she still possessed whatever it was that caught his eye. From there, this king would make his own judgment on the matter.

He pounded on the door of the house of 503 Ricardo, looking for the woman called Shizuru.]

Come out, woman.


Nov. 6th, 2010 05:09 pm
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[Candy you say? With his luck rating, he was definitely going to get the best candy. As he popped one in his mouth, he was suddenly hit with the urge to be a SUPER HERO. GIL SUPER HERO.

But wait, a super hero isn't a super hero without a disguise. So Gilgamesh pulls a potion of youth out of his treasury and quaffs it in one go. Cue one moe, always ready to help, son of a bitch that everyone would love.]

Hello, everyone! If you have any problems, don't hesitate to ask the King of Heroes for help! I fight for peace and justice for all! Yay!!

[Feel free to encouter little Gilgamesh running around....saving squirrels or something.]


Oct. 26th, 2010 04:58 am
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Private to Lancer and Saber....and very reluctantly Archer and Caster )

Rejoice, mongrels, for you are about to receive an offer of extreme value.

Your king does not approve of these vile insects infesting our ranks and spreading their diseases among us. The only person allowed to kill any of you is myself and I will not accept any other. If you proclaim your allegiance to me, the King of Heroes, you will be protected from the lowlifes who wish to do you harm. Your king will have it no other way. What say you, mongrels?


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