Dec. 5th, 2011

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[Outside of the cosplay cafe at 1245 Williams, Saber and Gilgamesh were dressed and prepped. Of course, Gil was playing the role of caring, experience worker. And doing his best to embarrass Saber doing a pretty damn good job at it.]

First thing you should keep in mind is to always have a smile on your face! If you can blush, that's bonus points because that looks cute and this job is all about being cute. that really necessary?

If you can't at least smile and look cute, you'll get fired. But I'm sure that'll come naturally to you, Saber!

[Saber tries to smile but it's rather awkward.]

H-how is this?

I suppose that's close enough. Can you do that while greeting someone? Try it!

[She was always one to rise to a challenge. So with that awkward smile and a bit too much enthusiasm, she turned and greeted a guest.]

Hello, sir! WELCOME!

[Saber is blue and Gilgamesh is red. Both will be tagging in separate threads so go nuts.]


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