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[At the Dolphin Pool, Gilgamesh was rolling out a hwacha, also known as an ancient Korean rocket launcher. The King's Treasury was a load of historical items and this one looked brand new. Him and his glorious partner for today, Marisa Kirisame, began loading all the empty holes with rockets. Fireworks, to be more specific! And once it was finished loading...]

Just a couple more seconds, everyone! Then you'll have the show of your lifetime.

It'll be awesome! So many people are so angry and being weird because of the Drive, so this is just going to make everyone so much happier~

[Marisa flashes a bright grin at the Guide before adding a few more rockets in.]

We twist all the fuses together... right?

[Whether it was right or wrong, Gilgamesh gets right on that, twisting them all together into one giant fuse.]

I'll let you light it, master.

[WHELP, HERE'S HOPING THAT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Marisa's not very knowledgeable in ancient Korean weaponry.]

Here goes!

[With a snap of her fingers, a bit of fire-based magic lights the giant fuse.]

Have fun everyone.

[And with a whoosh, all 150 rockets fire out of the wooden weapon and soar up into the sky. Suddenly, it's a flurry of yellow and golden explosions as the fireworks go off at different heights. Yep, specifically prepared to make everyone happy. Enjoy, indeed.]

[And it was awesome.]


[ooc; Red is Gilgamesh and black is Marisa. Both will be tagging in separate threads.]
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