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2015-12-08 12:28 am
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For those who don't already know, Gilgamesh here is a jerk. And prideful. And powerful. These make a horrific combination that turn him into a character who has a severe potential for power gaming. Which is something I want to avoid.

So, before I continue,

I'd like you to know that I would never, intentionally or unintentionally, harm or kill your character without explicit permission. Gil may threaten, bluff, or posture but obviously, I'm the player and I would never go ahead with it without your go ahead. Secondly, I'm not Gilgamesh nor do I share the majority of his views on things.

With that said, this post is for two things.

A. If you're uncomfortable with Gilgamesh tagging your characters, please say so here.

B. If there is something making you uncomfortable in an ongoing thread with him, you can say something here also.

Comments are screened for your privacy.
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2012-08-21 10:05 pm

(no subject)

[It's the world's most unlikely pair here.

Iroh and Gilgamesh. In a teashop that looks rather pisspoor but, hey, that's how this NPC seems to be rolling.

By the way, both look a bit disappointed (or in Gil's case, angry) at the current alien in front of them.]

You dare you serve this kind of trash and try to earn money from it.

[Iroh simply gently sets his teacup down, trying to at least somewhat keep in the abject disappointment present on his face.

Gil is certainly much more harsh than Iroh would want to be...but Iroh can't really bring himself to disagree with the King of Heroes' statement. So, instead of interjecting Iroh will lean back in his chair a bit, giving the alien a smile.]

It seems you have served sub-par tea to a great King, young man. This doesn't bode well at all.

[Gil wasn't ready to let this creature talk either. He had no room for excuses. None at all.]

Tch, this was an instant mix. My tongue can tell the difference, no matter what technology you use. If I wished for a drink fit for pigs, I would visit the pigsty.

Grandfather, do you think this is fit for serving to the public?

[Iroh seems to think for a moment, taking a look back down at that teacup before responding.]

I cannot, in good conscience, say this tea is fit for public consumption.

There you have it.


It's like he knows he's on camera.]

With that, I declare this place closed until it can serve something that is not tripe.

[Iroh gives a sage nod of his's almost as if he's hamming it up as well.]

I believe it is for the best. Such a thing should not be allowed to exist.

[Of course, this guy would protest but, once again, Gil doesn't give him time. Instead, he flings loadsacredits at him. He'll handle formalities later.]

Now, to decide that to do with this place...

[Tags will be coming seperately from Gil [personal profile] kinpika and Iroh [personal profile] falling_so_slow!]
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2012-03-25 08:48 pm

(no subject)

[Little Gil is sitting in one chair and Yamame is in another. Yamame is looking quite a bit older though. They're both facing each other, like it's an interview. As a matter of fact, it is an interview and Gil has set this up intentionally.]

Now that you're big, what do you think?

Um...[Yamame stops herself for a moment, trying her best to compose herself and act like an adult. Her voice evens out into a far less excited, silkier tone than what others may be used to hearing out of her. She also puts on a sweet smile before continuing.]

It's quite different, even if I don't feel different internally. I guess it's hard to describe! I'm not even sure if my webs will hold me anymore.

Ehhhh? You can't just make stronger webs? [He scribbles absolutely nothing on a piece of paper.]

Do you still like spiders?

I suppose I could, but I'll have to experiment with it a bit first.

Of course I still like spiders, silly! I am still a Tsuchigumo, after all.

[She may be trying to act more "grown-up," but it's obvious by Yamame's face she's either uncomfortable with it or having trouble maintaining it.]

And finally, is there anything you want to say to your current audience?

[Yamame just turns to wave toward the camera, giving it a smile.]

Yam-er...I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.

[Yamame then speaks softly toward Gil.]

Did that...sound like an adult?

[He whispers back but it's easily heard.]

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2012-01-29 01:37 pm


[At the Dolphin Pool, Gilgamesh was rolling out a hwacha, also known as an ancient Korean rocket launcher. The King's Treasury was a load of historical items and this one looked brand new. Him and his glorious partner for today, Marisa Kirisame, began loading all the empty holes with rockets. Fireworks, to be more specific! And once it was finished loading...]

Just a couple more seconds, everyone! Then you'll have the show of your lifetime.

It'll be awesome! So many people are so angry and being weird because of the Drive, so this is just going to make everyone so much happier~

[Marisa flashes a bright grin at the Guide before adding a few more rockets in.]

We twist all the fuses together... right?

[Whether it was right or wrong, Gilgamesh gets right on that, twisting them all together into one giant fuse.]

I'll let you light it, master.

[WHELP, HERE'S HOPING THAT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. Marisa's not very knowledgeable in ancient Korean weaponry.]

Here goes!

[With a snap of her fingers, a bit of fire-based magic lights the giant fuse.]

Have fun everyone.

[And with a whoosh, all 150 rockets fire out of the wooden weapon and soar up into the sky. Suddenly, it's a flurry of yellow and golden explosions as the fireworks go off at different heights. Yep, specifically prepared to make everyone happy. Enjoy, indeed.]

[And it was awesome.]


[ooc; Red is Gilgamesh and black is Marisa. Both will be tagging in separate threads.]
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2011-12-12 09:19 pm

17th [Voice/Action]

I know there are fools out there who think they can be equal to me, he who stands in the heavens. I have seen your handwriting and written claims to greatness. So I issue this challenge now.

If you think you can best the Hero King of Uruk, Gilgamesh, in combat, seek out your challenge now. I do not wish to see your mangy faces after this day.

Now come to the park! Let's see you be the ocean against the sea wall - the wind blowing at the mountain. You may get somewhere in a few thousand years!!



[Of course Gil will be waiting at the park! Whether you heard the phone call or not, he'll be chilling out on a bench with his legs crossed, uncaring about the chilly weather conditions.]
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2011-12-05 08:01 pm
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16th [action]

[Outside of the cosplay cafe at 1245 Williams, Saber and Gilgamesh were dressed and prepped. Of course, Gil was playing the role of caring, experience worker. And doing his best to embarrass Saber doing a pretty damn good job at it.]

First thing you should keep in mind is to always have a smile on your face! If you can blush, that's bonus points because that looks cute and this job is all about being cute. that really necessary?

If you can't at least smile and look cute, you'll get fired. But I'm sure that'll come naturally to you, Saber!

[Saber tries to smile but it's rather awkward.]

H-how is this?

I suppose that's close enough. Can you do that while greeting someone? Try it!

[She was always one to rise to a challenge. So with that awkward smile and a bit too much enthusiasm, she turned and greeted a guest.]

Hello, sir! WELCOME!

[Saber is blue and Gilgamesh is red. Both will be tagging in separate threads so go nuts.]
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2011-08-01 08:35 pm


[Ko-Gil is here, walking down your street.]

Whew...I should probably save up money for more cake. I wonder if I'll get fat if I eat too much...

[DID SOMEONE IMPLY GIL NEEDED MORE MONEY? Oh, yes, it was a something that came as a slip of the tongue but...

...A+ rank in Golden Rule states that Gilgamesh is so rich, money will pretty much appear out of quantum space for him.

Which is a problem because the mailbox beside him is shaking and looking like it's about to burst. And it suddenly opens up, spewing gold coins and twenty dollar bills all over Gilgamesh.]


[The boy makes a break for it but every other mailbox in line keeps doing the same. Looks like one skill is out of control.]

Someone help me!!! I'm going to be buried in my own money!!
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2011-07-14 12:11 pm

14th | Level 4

I don't really care but...

...the history books can be wrong about me. When I died, I was killed by my own grief.

Not to mention that I really hate snakes. I go out of my way to kill any snake I see. They've ruined my life so I've vowed to ruin theirs.

I also love Saber but her heart belongs to someone else so I'm out of luck. [so much sadness]

Sometimes I think Lancer-san can be pretty cool but he's mostly a loser. Him and the other Lancer are pretty suspicious though. Someone should ask them about that. I'm pretty jealous that Rin-san picked him over me though, especially since I could beat him up any day.

The last Lancer, Enkidu, will forever be the one I love most. If anyone touches him without my permission, I'll kill them.

Right now, I wish I could cover my mouth but that would be pretty cowardly. If you abuse this day, you might regret it though.
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2011-05-30 10:06 pm


Are people really killing each other just because they were told to? But I thought I civilized everyone so they wouldn't have to do this kind of thing. I guess humanity has really fallen huh?

[Well, HE TRIED but he's a king and can do what he wants and not be held by the same standards.]

I'm not going to be scared either way. Cowering inside and hoping nobody will come after you is pretty much the worst possible thing to do. I've got some red paint if you want to make it worse. Since I'm pretty good at art, I could draw a pretty neat target on your back with it. What do you say?

[Being the child KING he is, he's not going to sit indoors. Instead, he's chilling outside, in a chair on his front porch. Maybe he's hoping his target will walk by, no matter how low the chances are. Oh well, EX-Rank luck can only carry him so far.]
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2011-05-09 09:00 pm


Uwah, I'm already in a new house? Having Lancer as a dad....hmm, no offense but I would prefer the other Lancer. Isn't he considered better anyway?

I should say hi to all my new housemates too! Does anyone else live on Bilko Boulevard? We can be new neighbors and play games with each other. If that's not enough, I can certainly think of other things to do, hm? Either way, you can all call me Gilgamesh. I'm the King of Heroes, you know.
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2011-04-03 08:10 pm


[Oh yes, a potion of youth.

Of course the king who owns everything has this in his treasury. But while he's out, he decides to take a detour for ice cream. And other sweets.

But that detour has other detours. The boy king stops at every house along the way, knocking at the door. This is doubly sure if he knows who's there.]

Hello? Hello? Is there anyone home today? I want to talk.

[Of course, you can catch him at home too.

But fair warning. This post may contain hugs. Just saying.]
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2011-03-16 11:49 pm


[This is a bar post.


Gilgamesh is working at the bar. Well, working isn't exactly the word that could be used here. He's sitting behind the bar, reading a comic book with all the liquor set out on the bar free for the taking. Gilgamesh likes comic books, this is canon.

Maybe you're thirsty after doing some exploring on the new road and are stopping in. In that case, if you take a seat at the bar, Gilgamesh will glance in your direction but unless you've got something to say, enjoy the free alcohol. If you're someone he recognizes good at fighting, he's got a special surprise for you.

If you're underage...

...well, he doesn't care. This is how things roll in Ancient Sumeria.]
2011-02-25 11:14 pm


[Wait for it.

Oh, there it is.

A CRASH sounds with the phone is suddenly knocked off the hook and floor dialed. Explosions, pings, and sonic booms tear across the speakers as Gilgamesh absolutely wrecks the living room of his house with the various weapons spewing from his treasury. Finally, with one final smash, a gigantic hammer rips down the wall in the living room. After that, Gilgamesh picks up the phone off the ground.]


To think that you would attempt to lock me in that torment. What cheek you foolish leaders have! But even you could not hold back this king. Oh no! Your mind manipulation was not successful in the slightest and I will reclaim all that is mine from your vile grasps!

So which one of you fools wishes for a fight to the death? Speak up so that the Golden King can bring down his judgement upon your beady eyes and forked tongues, you lowlife ground crawlers!

[Yeah, he's a bit off his rocker at the moment. Unwanted droning will do that to a king.]
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2011-02-15 11:57 pm
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[Memories were something Gilgamesh never took lightly. That woman who suddenly jumped into his mind was definitely a problem. She eclipsed Saber just slightly, which made the Golden King angry at himself. Where was his pride? He had dedicated himself to the King of Knights and now this crap?

For this, there was only one solution. Go to where the woman was and discover if she still possessed whatever it was that caught his eye. From there, this king would make his own judgment on the matter.

He pounded on the door of the house of 503 Ricardo, looking for the woman called Shizuru.]

Come out, woman.
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2011-01-14 01:58 am


Citizens of this town. It has come to my attention that some of you possess talents that allow you to stand above the normal rabble of this foolish place. As I am a reasonable King, I am willing to give each and every one of you a chance.

You will tell me what you excel in. If I am interested, I will have you perform your talent in front of me. If I continue to be interested, I will give you a once in a lifetime proposition.

You perform that talent for me and I shall pay you what you deserve, which will be a payment beyond your dreams. As someone entering my service, I also will not allow other fools to bring you to harm. Unwarranted violence shall never befall you and I will ruin those who attempt to subvert the health of my workers.

Do you understand? Your King is waiting for a reply.
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2010-12-09 08:16 pm

6 Action/Voice

Snow. Hmph.

To think something so beautiful could exist. Each flake is nearly unobservable in size yet completely unlike every other one around it in appearance. Separate, they're easily blown away and yet together they can form almost any shape.

Worst of all, this was not created by me. Sumer was cold and dry in the winters and scorching but acceptable in the place for anything frozen. Instead, this wonderful creation will be credited to whatever dogshit god you happen to be worshiping.

I hate snow.

[He hates it so much that he's making a tower out of balls of snow. A tower of babel. Okay, not really. He's just storing snowballs in a pile. Even if he's currently jealous about snow, he can't help but marvel over it in the first week it's around. Of course, you can talk to him on the phone or in person, that's up to you.]
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2010-11-16 08:38 pm


[So...a king and a cat were sitting on a porch drinking wine. This is clearly the path to a joke, right? WHO KNOWS but they've both been drinking for a while. You can tell because Gil is outside without a shirt but has awesome tattoos and White Len is wearing pajamas.

Even worse, they're eying up every passerby, including you.]

And where would you put that mongrel at?

Six... he really is quite dull. Average doesn't interest me in the slightest.

Hahaha! I would not even put him past a two! Fools will always be fools!

[Guess what? They're looking at you next. They will be tagging in separate threads since we both may not be around at all times.]
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2010-11-06 05:09 pm


[Candy you say? With his luck rating, he was definitely going to get the best candy. As he popped one in his mouth, he was suddenly hit with the urge to be a SUPER HERO. GIL SUPER HERO.

But wait, a super hero isn't a super hero without a disguise. So Gilgamesh pulls a potion of youth out of his treasury and quaffs it in one go. Cue one moe, always ready to help, son of a bitch that everyone would love.]

Hello, everyone! If you have any problems, don't hesitate to ask the King of Heroes for help! I fight for peace and justice for all! Yay!!

[Feel free to encouter little Gilgamesh running around....saving squirrels or something.]
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2010-10-26 04:58 am


Private to Lancer and Saber....and very reluctantly Archer and Caster )

Rejoice, mongrels, for you are about to receive an offer of extreme value.

Your king does not approve of these vile insects infesting our ranks and spreading their diseases among us. The only person allowed to kill any of you is myself and I will not accept any other. If you proclaim your allegiance to me, the King of Heroes, you will be protected from the lowlifes who wish to do you harm. Your king will have it no other way. What say you, mongrels?