Oct. 8th, 2010 07:06 pm
kinpika: (You Did Not Just Go There)
[After that debacle at the Smith's and punching his own lights out, shame and embarrassment greatly set in on the proud man. How many people saw him in that condition after all? When the postman said he had something for him, Gilgamesh put on his angry face and walked his bum over to the post office.

And lost his left eye along with quite a bit more for his trouble. But got back something in the process.

Driven half insane by the pain and the need to remain prideful, the blood coming from his missing eye and mouth makes him look like he fought his way out of an asylum. Oh, but he's laughing and enjoying every second of it. If you catch him walking down the street, well...]

Hahahaha! Foolish mongrels! Perfect proof that this king cannot be held back by mere mortal limitations is standing before you! Those who dare, come forth!

[Fair warning: Action threading may result in violence/death. Just pop in the subject line that you don't want that, have limits, or are chill with it and I'll be cool with it. LANCER, FATE, AND SABER ARE GUARANTEED VIOLENCE.]

Sep. 26th, 2010 02:57 am
kinpika: (It's Good To Be The King)
[450 Stone Street.

A tall man stands outside. Golden hair, red eyes, warm tanned skinned; he's the envy of all the ladies. But he honestly doesn't care about your opinion. Nor about the one of the woman who is stepping out of the house.]

Dear, where are you going?

[The man doesn't even deign to turn and acknowledge her but when she gets close, he WALLOPS her with the back of his hand and knocks her to the ground.]

Mongrel. Who do you think you are, thinking this king is your husband?

But dea-

[He steps on her face and is steadily scraping the dirt off the bottom of his shoe using her facial features.]

Foolish woman! Eat this dirt and return to where you belong!

Tch. Problems one after another.


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