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He was originally a tyrant who did not care about his people, but his behavior slowly changed after he gained a friend called Enkidu. Enkidu was created by the goddess Aruru, in response to the prayers of the people who suffered under Gilgamesh's oppression. Enkidu and Gilgamesh met as was fated, and they strongly affected each other. At first, Gilgamesh feared Enkidu as his enemy. But the two came to understand each other soon after, recognized each other as equals, and worked together to rule the country.

With Enkidu, Gilgamesh defeated the Humbaba, guardian of the forest, beast of the gods, and became the greatest and richest king on Earth. After this, Gilgamesh was so powerful that even the gods could not ignore his existence. One goddess fell in love with this Gilgamesh. Ishtar, the goddess of fertility, proposed marriage to Gilgamesh, the perfect king, but he rejected her immediately. This was because he knew her to be a witch; unfaithful, cruel, and the corruptor of all men.

Ishtar's wish was granted, and since he was created by the gods, Enkidu could not resist the command and slowly weakened to death. This began Gilgamesh's downfall. Gilgamesh was shocked by the fact that death could come even to a friend of power equal to his. He was tormented by the fear of this "death", and he finally traveled to the netherworld in search of immortality.

At the end of a long journey and many hardships, Gilgamesh obtained the miraculous elixir of immortality. But on his way back, the elixir was stolen by a snake while he was bathing, and Gilgamesh died of grief. It is said that the snake begins its life again in a new body after shedding its skin, because it stole Gilgamesh's medicine and drank it.

Below are weapons shown to be within the Gate of Babylon or presumed to be due to the lack of the weapon being a noble phantasm that another servant possessed. If information is unavailable, it has been filled in with headcanon that does not contradict the history of said weapon. Also be aware that GoB does not contain only weapons but anything Gilgamesh felt suitable for his treasury. This includes even wine and ancient flying craft.

Name: Dainslef
Title: Blade of Ruin
Ability: A demonic sword from the Nibelungen, a cursed Noble Phantasm that brings ruin to its possessor. It is a demonic sword handed down the family that killed the Northern European hero Sigurd, and it is a Noble Phantasm originally possessed by the dragon Fafnir. It has a strong curse of "revenge", but it also guides its possessor to ruin. Due to Gilgamesh's luck, the curse is mostly nullified. Enmity towards one's opponent grants the blade extra power and wounds caused by it are slow to heal and easy to fester.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C

Name: Durandal
Title: The Peerless Sword
Ability: The holy sword favored by Roland, the paladin of Middle Age Europe. The king Charlemagne was granted the sword by an angel, and awarded it to Roland, the honored leader of the twelve knights. It holds three miracles and does not lose its sharpness even when its possessor's magical energy is depleted.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C+

Name: Dynamis
Title: Actus et Potentia
Ability: The mirror shield that was once wielded by the hero Perseus, Dynamis is regarded as the ultimate defense against sorcery. Possession dominion of the transference and mitigation of energy, the reflective surface of this shield will turn any spell back upon the one who cast it. It was with this noble phantasm that Perseus was able to defeat the Mystic Eyes of the Gorgon Medusa and accordingly slay her. In Gilgamesh's hands it can be a potent reversal to most directed energy attacks. The rank of this noble phantasm would normally be A, but it's specialization against a particular damage type lowers it.
Type: Support
Rank: B++

Name: Gram
Title: The Original Sin
Ability: The demonic sword, the sword of the sun, Gram. It is a demonic sword of ruin and glory that Sigurd, the greatest hero of Northern Europe, possessed in the Volsung saga. It is the model of Caliburn in the legend of the king Arthur. As Caliburn was a "sword stuck in the stone that choses the king", Gram was also a "sword stuck in the tree that grants authority" of the Volsung saga. As the "strongest demonic sword" equaling the "strongest holy sword", it even possesses the special characteristic of "dragon slayer", hence it is a natural enemy of the king of knights who is the incarnation of a dragon.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C

Name: Harpe
Title: The Snake-Hunter Sickle
Ability: Harpe is the name of the snake hunter's scythe used by Perseus to kill Medusa, when she was in monstrous Gorgon form. Described as the gorgon-killing holy sword, it actually is not much of an excellent blade, but it possess the ability of "Refraction of Longevity", which is said to be the greatest special trait. A divine skill that nullifies the special powers of immortality, wounds inflicted by Harpe cannot be restored by any methods other than healing in accordance to the natural laws.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C

Name: Houtengeki
Title: Crescent Blade
Ability: This is a one of a kind halberd, a weapon passed down in the Chinese culture. A halberd is a polearm used to thrust and strike, and has may uses. Although it was a weapon that could be used by anyone, it died out as time passed, until it was revived it the Sung period as Houtengeki. It has many uses, such as thrusting, swiping, pulling and parrying, but on the other hand, it is said that a great deal of skill is needed to handle this weapon.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C

Name: Vajra
Title: Indestructible Diamond Pounder
Ability: A Noble Phantasm that can be shot only once, for lightning damage ranked B+. It is a simple weapon that does fixed damage regardless of the user's prana and the defense and circumstances of the enemy. Vajra is the indestructible diamond pounder owned by the gods of in the buddhist mythology.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B+

Name: Ifing
Title: Gale of Jotunheim
Ability: A jeweled dagger forged by dwarves to extract a boon from the Frost Giants of Norse Mythology, a channel within the blade contains water from the river that separates Jotunheim and Asgard, for which this Noble Phantasm is named. The blade is enchanted to summon a powerful gale upon each swing that shall freeze and overwhelm all with the misfortune to be in its path.
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: B-

Name: Caladbolg
Title: The Hardest Blade
Ability: Famed as the sword of the legendary celtic hero Fercus mac Roith, Caladbolg is a large two-handed sword with such power that it was famed for slicing the top off of hills and destroying most of an army host. The history of this noble phantasm is intricately entwined with the aspect of Earth, allowing it to dramatically shift and alter the earth in a single blow, completely transforming a battle terrain. It is a Noble Phantasm considered to be the natural enemy of Cú Chulainn, the great hero of Celtic myth. If the wielder of Caladbolg is Ulster-born, Cú Chulainn has a duty to be defeated once by this sword due to his geas.
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: A

Name: Gungnir
Title: The Declaration of the Elder God
Ability: Once the spear of the Norse God Odin, Gungnir is the source of the celtic spear Gae Bolg's myth. The latter however has become more famous and is thus more powerful than the original. Still, Gugnir employs the same type of causality reversal as Gae Bolg; When used, the result of "Hitting the enemy's body" (versus specifically the heart in Gae Bolg's case) is a predetermined, destined event and thus unavoidable through conventional means. The blow however is far more survivable than one from Gae Bolg as it is not guaranteed to strike a vital area and can even be avoided entirely by someone with enough luck.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C+

Name: Brionac
Title: The Five Roaring Stars
Ability: The original spear belonging to the Irish God of light, Lugh. When thrown, the spear rapidly accumulates light and energy during its flight and releases it upon striking, resulting in a powerful explosion with the capacity to flatten a modern city block. Additionally, it is one of the parent spears to Lancer's Gae Bolg, which seems to have taken on both this property as well as the power of Gugnir to strike the enemy no matter what and refined them both.
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: A+

Name: Aegis
Title: The Absolute Shield
Ability: A gilded buckler embossed with the head of a gorgon in the center, this legendary shield was said to have belonged to Zeus himself who frequently loaned to Athena and worthy heroes. Said to be a nearly impenetrable means of defense, it works on the principle of reversing casuality: As soon as Aegis is put into play, the attack is fated to be blocked. In effect, the result of successfully defending occurs before an opponent's blow actually lands. This makes Aegis a natural form of defense against other causality-based attacks such as Gae Bolg. However, as with the legendary spear the defense of the shield can be bypassed with sufficient luck.
Type: Support
Rank: A++

Name: Claiomh Solais
Title: Blade of the Everlasting Dawn
Ability: As one of the four treasures of Ireland, Claiomh Solais is one of the most potent and legendary noble phantasms in Gilgamesh's possession. Considered the Irish equivalent of Excalibur, this Noble Phantasm has similar properties in the form of releasing concentrated prana in focused blasts of light. Although the legend of King Arthur's sword is more famed still, the potency of this twin cannot be denied and would be a great boon to any servant participating in battle.
Type: Anti-Army
Rank: A+

Name: Kusanagi
Title: Wind Cutting Sword of the Heavens
Ability: Kusanagi is an eastern blade whose fame is also considered to approach that of Excalibur's. Possessing utter control over the domain of wind, the user is able conjure gales of hurricane force so concentrated that they are well capable of tearing through city blocks and cutting individuals to ribbons. As fitting of the predecessor of Japanese dueling sword however it's true power lay in the channeling of these powerful forces into the utter destruction of a single target. Curiously the design is in fact -not- of a katana as it is sometimes depicted, but a straight-edged bronze blade as the myth of Kusanagi began before the katana was perfected. Gilgamesh often favors firing this noble phantasm from Gandiva due to the complementary effects of fire and wind.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: A+

Name: Joyeuse
Title: Deliverance of Kings
Ability: As the blade of legendary king Charlemagne, it's only fitting that this noble phantasm would also end up in the King of Heroes repertoire. The scintillating colors of this blade serve to confuse and bewilder the enemy when used in battle. Increases the rank of Durandal when paired with it, hence the reason for this noble phantasm's rank despite not having a particularly strong offense.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: B

Name: Suriyothai
Title: Queen's Lament
Ability: As the scythe that killed the legendary Queen with whom it shares its name, Suriyothai is a vicious double-bladed weapon that bears the property of 'Queensbane' due to the source of its fame, rendering it highly effective against much of anything having to do with Queens. The scythe is able to cut through dimensions, allowing it to strike an enemy from nearly any distance so long as a Gilgamesh can see them, though the accuracy of the attack does tend to fall off the further away they get.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: C

Name: Gandiva
Title: The Unquenchable Thirst
Ability: Forged by the Hindu God of Fire, Agni, this bow was bequeathed unto the hero Arjuna and along with others was also in the possession of Gilgamesh during his lifetime. Although the bow can rain down fiery bolts of destruction upon the enemy normally, it is most useful for it's enhancing properties of other noble phantasms: When fired from Gandiva, a noble phantasm's attack will have its rank increased by one with few exceptions (Though it cannot exceed A++, thus an A-rank weapon cannot reach EX no matter what). When used in conjunction with Gandiva a noble phantasm's type will also be overwritten with the natural property of the bow's. Weapons of lesser rank than Gandiva will be destroyed if used in this manner, however.
Type: Anti-Fortress
Rank: B+

Its maximum damage is 4,000. But, with the support of the Noble Phantasms in his treasury, the damage increases even further. It has equal or superior output to Saber's Excalibur, and it is a sword that "cut apart the world".

Name: Enkidu
Title: Chain of Heaven
Ability:Enkidu is the Noble Phantasm favoured by Gilgamesh. It is a chain used to hold the "bull of heaven" that brought seven years of famine in Uruk, and is a Noble Phantasm that Gilgamesh trusts more than Ea.

It holds the power of "commanding to gods". It grows stronger as the target has more divinity, and thus is one of the few anti-divine weapons. To a target that has no divinity, it is no more than a solid chain.
Type: Anti-Unit
Rank: ????
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