Aug. 21st, 2012

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[It's the world's most unlikely pair here.

Iroh and Gilgamesh. In a teashop that looks rather pisspoor but, hey, that's how this NPC seems to be rolling.

By the way, both look a bit disappointed (or in Gil's case, angry) at the current alien in front of them.]

You dare you serve this kind of trash and try to earn money from it.

[Iroh simply gently sets his teacup down, trying to at least somewhat keep in the abject disappointment present on his face.

Gil is certainly much more harsh than Iroh would want to be...but Iroh can't really bring himself to disagree with the King of Heroes' statement. So, instead of interjecting Iroh will lean back in his chair a bit, giving the alien a smile.]

It seems you have served sub-par tea to a great King, young man. This doesn't bode well at all.

[Gil wasn't ready to let this creature talk either. He had no room for excuses. None at all.]

Tch, this was an instant mix. My tongue can tell the difference, no matter what technology you use. If I wished for a drink fit for pigs, I would visit the pigsty.

Grandfather, do you think this is fit for serving to the public?

[Iroh seems to think for a moment, taking a look back down at that teacup before responding.]

I cannot, in good conscience, say this tea is fit for public consumption.

There you have it.


It's like he knows he's on camera.]

With that, I declare this place closed until it can serve something that is not tripe.

[Iroh gives a sage nod of his's almost as if he's hamming it up as well.]

I believe it is for the best. Such a thing should not be allowed to exist.

[Of course, this guy would protest but, once again, Gil doesn't give him time. Instead, he flings loadsacredits at him. He'll handle formalities later.]

Now, to decide that to do with this place...

[Tags will be coming seperately from Gil [personal profile] kinpika and Iroh [personal profile] falling_so_slow!]


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